You have been invited to attend an interview for an exciting job opportunity that you have been put forward for. What are the main things that you should ensure to maximise every opportunity for success?

Always make sure that you arrive on time for your interview, even a little early can be good. If you can arrive on time for your interview it will inspire confidence in your employer as you are demonstrating punctuality and establishing a trust from the start.

Make sure to find out as much about the company or the role before attending the interview. If you have spent time researching the role it will show to the employer that you are serious about being considered for the job and that you have taken the time to find out more about who they are and what they do, thereby ascertaining knowledge for yourself as to what they can offer to you but also importantly, what you can offer to their business.

Always remember the much of what you say is not with words but through your body language. Always be aware of how you might be coming across to a potential employer.  Are you showing them that you are interested? Are you showing respect and an awareness to your environment and the people that are taking the time to meet with you?

As in every professional situation, you should always be polite and well-mannered with other staff members and any potential customers that the company may have and that you may meet. Being polite is guaranteed to make sure that you stand out, are professional and can demonstrate the right image that a company would want to always portray.

Try to prepare as much as possible for your interview, learn as much about the company as possible and what is important to them. Understand what the role may require from you and try to imagine what sort of questions this type of employer may be interested in asking.

Lastly, relax. You have got this far, there is a great chance that you could be successful!